Ed Askew - Little Eyes [De Stijl]

To desire the conditions of one's own subordination is required to persist as oneself.

Similar to: Dorothy Carter, Neutral Milk Hotel

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Indian Jewelry - Invasive Exotics [Monitor]

There are, of course, various ways of refusing to love, not all of which qualify as foreclosure. But what happens when a certain foreclosure of love becomes the condition of possibility for social existence? Does this not produce a sociality afflicted by melancholia, a sociality in which loss cannot be grieved because it cannot be recognized as loss, because what is lost never had any entitlement to existence?

Similar to: Excepter, Raccoo-oo-oon

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Jason Crumer - Walk With Me [Misanthropic Agenda]

But already we may speak of the body as an ever advancing boundary between the future and the past, as a pointed end, which our past is continually driving forward into our future. Whereas my body, taken at a single moment, is but a conductor interposed between the objects which influence it and those on which it acts, it is, on the other hand, when replaced in the flux of time, always situated at the very point where my past expires in a deed.

Similar to: Peter Wright, Kevin Drumm

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Yellow Swans - Bring the Neon War Home [Narnack]

With the immediate and present data of our senses we mingle a thousand details out of our past experience. In most cases these memories supplant our actual perceptions, of which we then retain only a few hints, thus using them merely as 'signs' that recall to us former images.

Similar to: Axolotl, Wolf Eyes

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Summons of Shining Ruins - Bird Requiem [Humming Conch]

That looks funny when you squint at it.

Similar to: Kyle Bobby Dunn, Stephen Mathieu

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Andrew Liles - My Long Accumulating Discontent [Nextera]

Hence it is that melancholics love solitude and shun company; this makes them more attached to the object of their delirium or to their dominant passion, whatever it may be, while they seem indifferent to anything else.

Similar to: Jacaszek, Peter Wright

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Mrtyu! - Ornate Shroud [Tipped Bowler]

If folly leads each man into a blindness where he is lost, the madman, on the contrary, reminds each man of his truth; in a comedy where each man deceives the other and dupes himself, the madman is comedy to the second degree: the deception of deception; he utters, in his simpleton's language which makes no show of reason, the words of reason that release, in the comic, the comedy: he speaks love to lovers, the truth of life to the young, the middling reality of things to the proud, to the insolent, and to liars.

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