Lawrence English & Tom Hall - Euphonia [Presto]

"Ignore the box, enjoy the cookies."

Similar to: Ezekiel Honig, Tomasz Bednarczyk

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Astral Social Club - Sieben Stax [Bottrop-Boy]

Qu'importe qui parle, quelqu'un a dit qu'importe qui parle.

Similar to: Excepter, Axolotl

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Religious Knives - The Door [Ecstatic Peace]

I'm waiting for the movement to stop and reflect itself back to itself - reflection is the condition of action, isn't it? But it turns its face away, dissolves into a hundred tiny details on a cruelly indifferent timeline, dissolves me into a hundred tiny details, pure moving mass.

Similar to: Robedoor, Sunburned Hand of the Man

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Muslimgauze - Citadel [Extreme]

To argue that any historically constituted group of people are, by definition, always persecuted and never persecutory seems not only to confound the ontological and preontological levels but to license an unacceptable irresponsibility and a limitless recourse to aggression in the name of "self-defense."

Similar to: Shackleton, CoH

Peter Rehberg - Work for GV 2004-2008 [Editions Mego]

Renounce yourself or suffer the penalty of being suppressed; do not appear if you do not want to disappear. Your existence will be maintained only at the cost of your nullification.

Similar to: Ryoji Ikeda, Merzbow

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Svarte Greiner - Penpals Forever [Digitalis]

Anything that exceeds the excess of the signifier or passes beneath it will be marked with a negative value. Your only choice will be between a goat's ass and the face of a god.

Similar to: The Caretaker, Philip Jeck

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Tzolk'in - Haab [Ant-Zen]

Love cuts across finitude, always from the other to the other, which never returns to the same - and all loves, so humbly alike, are superbly singular.

Similar to: Byetone, Jetone

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Tangerine Dream - Stratosfear [Polydor]

The human being has the need to accumulate energies and to spend them, even waste them in play. He has a need to see, to hear, to touch, to taste and the need to gather these perceptions in a "world".

Similar to: Kraftwerk, Harmonia

Felicia Atkinson - La La La [Spekk]

The transference is living proof that the past is not past, since the form that the past now takes is in the present orchestration of the relation to the other that is the transference itself.

Similar to: Christina Carter, Cat Power

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Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker - Fantasma Parastasie [Alien8]

The thing that disappears when you are lost in sensuality is distance, because everything gets magnified...

Similar to: Fennesz, Belong

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