Male - All Are Welcome [Other Electricities]

(She could be rehearsing for an audition. Or perhaps she's talking on a cell phone.)

Similar to: Aaron Martin, July Skies

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Seasons (pre-din) - By the Banks Go Through [Thy Rec]

Part 1 Part 2

Have you engaged in any other activities that might indicate that you may not be considered a person of good character?

Similar to: Goldmund, Library Tapes

Belong - Colorloss Record [St Ives]

When did that child who perhaps had not yet been born no longer want to leave his birth, nor his birth certificate in the hands of his parents, his witnesses, or his judges? For as I read my birth certificate, as I am born, I feel like literature, like a page, a book, something destined for reading - or burning - that will live as long as it is readable, read.

Similar to: Tim Hecker, Pan•American

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Jacaszek - Pentral [Gusstaff]

a thousand times
i have journeyed safely
from the sunniest day
to the darkest night.

Similar to: Jasper TX, Elegi

Kayo Dot - Choirs of the Eye [Tzadik]

Sırtım ağrıyor.

Similar to: John Zorn, Supersilent

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bvdub - Strength in Solitude [2600]


Similar to: Claro Intelecto, Echospace

Ametsub - The Nothings of the North [Progressive Form]

Ideas and opinions flow from the ground up, insights and inferences, speculation and extrapolation are put forth, then looped and re-looped on a previously unimaginable scale, conventional wisdom created in hours and minutes.

Similar to: bvdub, Lowriders Deluxe

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Celer - Capri [Humming Conch]

Sudden awakening from sleep, persistent fear or terror that occurs at night, screaming, sweating, confusion, rapid heart rate, inability to explain what happened, usually no recall of "bad dreams" or nightmares, may have a vague sense of frightening images...

Similar to: Tomasz Bednarczyk, Marsen Jules

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Kenneth Bager - Fragments From a Space Cadet [Music For Dreams]

Part 1 Part 2

They felt meaningless unless they were being observed and this was the reason they all observed and took snapshots and movies of each other, for fear of experiencing the meaninglessness of their existence… Staggering along in mad hope of somehow finding someone to be observed by somewhere… Staggering along in mad hope of somehow finding someone to be observed by somewhere…

Similar to: Telefon Tel Aviv, Air